What is Cluster?

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A group of independent similar computers or similar servers that are interconnected, act as one server to end-users and applications, and whose combined resources processing a task is called a Cluster.

In the case of failure of one of the servers, the other surviving server can take up the work of the failed server.

Characteristics of a Cluster

  1. The Cluster uses a dedicated network (cluster interconnect or private network).
  2. The Cluster shares the same set of disks (shared disk storage).
  3. Clusters can be implemented in many configurations.
  4. Cluster increase availability, performance, and scalability.
  5. Oracle Cluster’s all nodes share the same processor architecture and run the same operating system.
  6. In the Cluster, they use the ”heartbeat” mechanism. They check one another’s heartbeats at regular intervals.

Oracle supports a shared disk cluster architecture. It provides load-balancing and failover capabilities.


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