Oracle Database 23c now Oracle Database 23ai.

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Announcing Oracle Database 23ai: Unleashing the Power of AI for Next-Gen Data Management

After years of dedicated development, Oracle is thrilled to unveil the latest milestone in database technology: Oracle Database 23ai. This release marks a significant leap forward, marrying the robust capabilities of Oracle Database with cutting-edge AI technologies, tailored for enhanced developer productivity and mission-critical data management.

The focus on AI in this release of the database, that’s why Oracle decided to change the database’s name from Oracle Database 23c to Oracle Database 23ai.  

Key Focus Areas:

  • AI for Data: Introducing advanced AI capabilities directly into the heart of your data management strategy, empowering users to unlock actionable insights and drive informed decision-making.
  • Dev for Data: Streamlining development workflows with intuitive tools and resources, ensuring seamless integration and rapid deployment of data-driven applications.
  • Mission Critical for Data: Elevating data resilience and performance to unprecedented levels, safeguarding the integrity and availability of your most vital business assets.

Available on Leading Platforms:

  1. OCI on Oracle Exadata Database Service: Harness the power of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure paired with the unparalleled performance of Exadata for unparalleled scalability and efficiency.
  2. Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer: Enjoy the benefits of Exadata’s superior performance and security within your own data center, with the flexibility of a cloud-based deployment model.
  3. Oracle Base Database Service: Seamlessly deploy Oracle Database 23ai on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, with a focus on simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.
  4. Oracle Database@Azure: Extend your Azure environment with the advanced capabilities of Oracle Database 23ai, leveraging the combined strengths of Oracle and Microsoft technologies.

Experience the future of data management with Oracle Database 23ai, where innovation meets reliability, and possibilities are limitless.

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