Oracle Golden Gate Key Points

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Oracle Golden Gate Key Points-:

  • GG–Log-Based, Real-Time Change Data-Capture.
  • GG–Is Middleware Product.
  • GG–Moves only Committed data across platforms.
  • GG–Does not require Oracle Net to move changes.
  • GG–Can move changes across a TCP/IP network.
  • GG–Can quickly move data to a standby database.
  • GG–Uses its own Commit Sequence Number (CSN) to identify a transaction.
  • GG–Uses its own system of checkpoint files to maintain transaction integrity.
  • GG–Supports-:
    • 1-HA
    • 2-Zero Down Time Upgrades & Migrations
    • 3-Live Reporting
    • 4-Operational Business Intelligence
    • 5-Transactional Data Integration



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