Oracle Database RAC Interview Question Set-2

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My DBA Community,

My today’s post is very important for those who are looking for a job and preparing for an Interview. I am writing Oracle Database RAC interview questions.
  1. How end-user can connect to the RAC Database?
  2. What is a Voting Disk and why we keep an odd number of VD?
  3. What is a split-brain syndrome in RAC? If this issue is there for a longer time, then what happens??
  4. Explain high-level steps to install Oracle 3 node RAC database?
  5. Explain patching types in oracle RAC and steps to apply a patch?
  6. Can we use a different Operating system when configuring RAC?
  7. Clusterware fencing is available from which version?
  8. What are the two methods of Clusterware communication?
  9. How many nodes we can configure in RAC?
  10. Can you use IPv6 for Private IP?



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