Oracle Database Interview Questions Set-5

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1-What is Database file Maximum size?

Answer- Operating system dependent

2-What is MAXEXTENTS Default value?

Answer- Derived from tablespace default storage or DB_BLOCK_SIZE initialization parameter

3- What is MAXEXTENTS Maximum value?

Answer- Unlimited

4- Maximum number of Redo Log Files per Database?

Answer- Limited by value of MAXLOGFILES parameter in the CREATE DATABASE statement.

Control file can be resized to allow more entries; ultimately an operating system limit

5- Maximum number of Redo Log Files per Group?

Answer- Unlimited

6- Minimum Redo Log File size?

Answer- 4 MB

7- Maximum Redo Log File size?

Answer- Operating system limit; typically 2 TB

8- Maximum number of Tablespaces per Database?

Answer- 64 K

9- Number of blocks in Bigfile Tablespaces?

Answer- A bigfile tablespace contains only one datafile or tempfile, which can contain up to approximately 4 billion ( 232 ) blocks. The maximum size of the single datafile or tempfile is 128 terabytes (TB) for a tablespace with 32 K blocks and 32 TB for a tablespace with 8 K blocks.

10- Number of blocks in Smallfile (traditional) Tablespaces?

Answer- A smallfile tablespace is a traditional Oracle tablespace, which can contain 1022 datafiles or tempfiles, each of which can contain up to approximately 4 million (222) blocks.


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