Oracle Database Interview Questions Set-3

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1-Maximum levels of Subqueries in a SQL statement we can write?

Answer-Unlimited in the FROM clause & 255 Subqueries in the WHERE clause

2-Maximum length of linear partitioning key in Per Partition?

Answer-4 KB (overhead)

3-Maximum number of columns in partition key in Per Partition?

Answer-(1024K – 1)

4-Maximum number of Subpartitions in a Composite Partitioned Table?

Answer-(1024K – 1)

5-Maximum System Change Numbers (SCNs)?

Answer- 281 trillion SCNs (281,474,976,710,656)

6-Stored Packages Maximum size?

Answer-Approximately 6,000,000 lines of code.

7-Trigger Cascade Limit Maximum value?

Answer-Operating system-dependent (typically 32)

8-Maximum Users and Roles?


9-Maximum Tables per Clustered Table?

Answer-32 tables

10-Maximum Tables per Database?


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