Oracle Database Interview Question Set-33

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My DBA Community,

My today’s post is very important for those who are looking for a job and preparing for an Interview. I am writing Oracle Database interview questions.
  1. How to add disks in a disk group?
  2. What is a candidate disk?
  3. Explain the type of redundancy in ASM and which is better?
  4. If any disk is corrupted and a new disk is provided to use, then how can we sync the new disk?
  5. Explain the Architecture of DG and its components?
  6. Explain steps to setup Physical Standby?
  7. How can you resolve the gap between physical stand by and primary database?
  8. Explain the modes of data guard and from which view, you can check the database is in which mode?
  9. What is active dataguard and benefits of it?
  10. Which is better in physical and logical standby?



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