Oracle Database Interview Question Set-32

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My DBA Community,

My today’s post is very important for those who are looking for a job and preparing for an Interview. I am writing Oracle Database interview questions.
I hope these IQ will help you.
  1. What is the section you will look into in the AWR Report to improve the DB performance?
  2. What is the basic parameter you will set for RMAN?
  3. What is the troubleshooting you did in your daily activities?
  4. Why we do CF Multiplexing?
  5. How you can replace Optimizer EP for your Query?
  6. How you will get the datafile block corruption information?
  7. For SQL Query Improvement what you will do?
  8. For SQL Query Problem what section you will look into?
  9. What is Bind Peeking Variable?
  10. What is Free Buffer Busy Wait?


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