Oracle Database Interview Question Set-24

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My DBA Community,
My today’s post is very important for those who are looking for a job and preparing for an Interview. I am writing Oracle Database interview questions.
I hope these IQ will help you.
  1. What are the karnal parameters dba will set in the database Installation?
  2. What is shmmni, shmall & shmmax?
  3. What is MMAN, MMON processes?
  4. Data got deleted from a table, how you will recover?
  5. Can we perform the table recovery in 11g or not?
  6. The value of the Standby management parameter is manual, and activities are going on in production, what will you do to sync standby?
  7. What is the data guard protection mode? and what are the difference among all?
  8. What are the processes involved in Data guard?
  9. If the archive is not being applied on DG, from where you will start troubleshooting? and which is the dynamic view to check an error?
  10. What are the main processes of the golden gate?



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