Oracle Database 21c is Available!!

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Good News for DBA because now you can create an Oracle 21c database.!

Oracle Database 21c is now available on Always Free Autonomous Database (only in the following regions: Ashburn (IAD), Phoenix (PHX), Frankfurt (FRA), and London (LHR) regions) and Database Cloud Service (RAC and single-instance on VM; single-instance on Bare Metal).

General availability of Oracle Database 21c for on-prem platforms (including Exadata, Linux, and Windows) will be in 2021.

Oracle Database 21c is the latest Innovation Release. It is initially available on Oracle Autonomous Database Free Tier and Oracle Database Cloud Service. 

Oracle Database 21c Documentation is now in the Oracle Database Documentation.

Oracle Database New Features Guide is “Learning Database New Features“.

You can download the 21c client from the database software download page.

If you don’t have an Oracle Cloud account yet, you can sign-up for an Oracle Free Tier account at

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