Oracle 21c is out for use! DBA should focus on 19c!!

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Oracle 21c is out for use! DBA should focus on 19c!!

-August 2021: Oracle Database 21c (21.3) released on Linux

Oracle 21c is an innovation release so dba’s don’t get panic.

DBA should be trying to get all your databases to 19c. As we know 19c support end in 2027 and 23c will be the next long-term release.

Let me clear you if you don’t know what Long Term Releases & Innovation Releases.

Oracle Database Release Roadmap

There are two types of Oracle Database releases Long Term Release and Innovation Release.

Long Term Release:

Oracle Database Long Term Releases are ideal for use cases that benefit from less frequent upgrades to newer releases.

Long Term Releases offer the highest level of stability and the longest length of error correction support.

These releases have 5 years of Premier Support followed by 3 years of Extended Support.

When combined with Extended Support, customers typically have almost 4 years to upgrade from one Long Term Release to the next Long-Term Release.

Innovation Release:

In between Oracle Database Long Term Releases, Oracle delivers Oracle Database Innovation Releases that include many enhancements and new capabilities which will also be included in the next Long-Term Release.

Innovation Releases are designed to enable customers to continuously use leading-edge technologies to rapidly develop or deploy new applications or augment existing applications.

Support for Innovation Releases includes at least 2 years of Premier Support, but there is no Extended Support.

Production workloads can be deployed on Innovation Releases if upgrading to the next database release within one year after the next database release ships are factored into the deployment plan.


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