ORA-02030: can only select from fixed tables/views

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When we Grant the Select privilege on a V$ view we will get an ora-02030 error.

As ORA-02030 says, that we can only select from fixed tables/views, which means V$INSTANCE is not a table or view.

We know that actual view created on the dynamic performance table that is V_$.  

The V$ is only a synonym and not an actual fixed table or a view.  

Thus, When we try to grant select on the object we will receive the 

error:  ORA-02030: can only select from fixed tables/views.

How to resolve ORA-02030–:

We need to replace V$ with V_$. It should be V_$INSTANCE. Because we can grant directly to the base table.

Because V$INSTANCE is a public synonym on view V_$INSTANCE.
These two queries will support my Solution.

select OWNER, OBJECT_TYPE,OBJECT_NAME from dba_objects
        where object_name='V$INSTANCE';
select SYNONYM_NAME,TABLE_OWNER,TABLE_NAME from dba_synonyms  
       where synonym_name='V$INSTANCE';

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Reference–: (Doc ID 1061103.6)ORA-02030 WHEN GRANTING SELECT ON V$ VIEW

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