New Features for Database in Oracle 19c !!

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Oracle Database 19c, is the long term support release of the Oracle Database 12c family. It belongs to the family Oracle Database 12.2.0.X.

19c Long Term Release

  • Premier Support (PS) ends April 30, 2024, Extended Support (ES) will be beginning May 01, 2024, through April 30, 2027
  • Error Correction / Patching is available through April 30, 2027, with paid ES. Without paid ES, patching is only available until April 30, 2024

Oracle Database 19c New features are-:

  1. Create a Duplicate of an Oracle Database Using DBCA in Silent Mode
  2. Relocate a PDB to Another CDB Using DBCA in Silent Mode
  3. Create a PDB by Cloning a Remote PDB Using DBCA in Silent Mode
  4. Image-Based Oracle Database Client Installation
  5. Root Scripts Automation Support for Oracle Database Installation
  6. Support for Dry-Run Validation of Oracle Clusterware Upgrade
  7. AutoUpgrade for Oracle Database
  8. Oracle Data Pump Ability to Exclude ENCRYPTION Clause on Import
  9. Oracle Data Pump Allows Tablespaces to Stay Read-Only During TTS Import
  10. Oracle Data Pump Support for Resource Usage Limitations
  11. Oracle Data Pump Test Mode for Transportable Tablespaces
  12. Oracle Data Pump Prevents Inadvertent Use of Protected Roles
  13. Oracle Data Pump Loads Partitioned Table Data One Operation
  14. Oracle Data Pump Allows Wildcards for Dump File in Object Store
  15. Oracle Data Pump Import Supports More Object Store Credentials


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