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Increase your value as a DBA in the Market you have to work on yourself.

1-Obtain: A Set of Strong Skills (Identify your Strengths)

-Build on what you can do (best)!
• Very few people can do “everything”.

-Obtaining a completely new set of skills gets harder later in life.
• Unless you are starting your career, identify your strengths and build on them.

-Extend your skillset into areas you are interested in.
• Easiest way is to look into skills related to those that you already have.

2-Nurture: Do What You Like Doing

-Find areas which interest you / that you like and stick with them!
• This does not mean you have to stay with one thing only.

-Doing what you like
• Automatically motivates
• Makes you focus on details
• Makes you enjoy your work

-Consequently makes you better in what you do.

3-Technical Skills

Must-Have: Basic Cloud Skills
Obtain: Data Modeling Skills
Obtain: Data Security Skills for ADB
Obtain: Application Tuning Skills
Nurture: Transferable On-Premises Skills

4-General Directions & Ideas for Steps to Take

-Change your job

Learn which jobs are growing fastest around the world and what that means for the global workforce.

-Change field of expertise

1. Choose a technology field
2. Determine how long you need to
acquire the required skills to
master the field into which you
want to enter
3. Weigh against “Plateau will be
reached in” time prediction
4. Find suitable training courses
5. Do it!

The Top Skills Companies Need Most in 2020 are-:

1-The Soft Skills
2-The Hard Skills

The most in-demand soft skills are all about how we work together, The most in-demand hard skills are the ones changing what we are working on.

1-The Soft Skills-:

1. Creativity
2. Persuasion
3. Collaboration
4. Adaptability
5. Emotional Intelligence


Organizations need people who can creatively approach problems and tasks across all business roles, from software engineering to HR.


Leaders and hiring managers value individuals who can explain the “why.”


High-functioning teams can accomplish more than any individual—and organizations know it.


The only constant in life—and in business—is change.

-Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, evaluate, and respond to your own emotions and the emotions of others.

2-The Hard Skills-:


Blockchain was born in 2009 to support the use of cryptocurrency. The small supply of professionals who have this skill is in high demand.

Cloud Computing

Today, companies are built and run on the cloud. They need talent who have the skills to help them drive technical architecture, design, and delivery of cloud systems like OCI, Microsoft Azure.

-Analytical Reasoning

Data has become the foundation of every single business. Organizations want talent who can make sense of it and uncover insights that drive the best decisions for the business.

-Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) augments the capabilities of the human workforce.

I hope that what companies need today, you feel ready to cultivate the essential soft skills and hard skills and empowered to own your career.


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