Difference Between Upgrade & Migration

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Difference Between Upgrade & Migration

Upgrade & Migration both the terms are often used as synonyms in other contexts.

In the context of Oracle Database there is a necessary difference between database upgrade and database migration.

Database Upgrade

The act of upgrading an Oracle Database involves modifying the data dictionary to be compatible with a newer version of Oracle Database software.

Actions that may be part of a database upgrade include:

  • Adding, dropping, or modifying columns in system tables and views
  • Creating or modifying system packages or procedures
  • Creating, modifying, or dropping database types, users, roles, and privileges
  • Modifying seed data that is used by Oracle Database components

All of these actions affect the Data Dictionary of your database.

They do not affect the Data Stored in your user or application tablespaces.

Therefore, the volume of data stored in your Oracle database has little or no bearing on a database upgrade.

Database Migration

The term “migration” applies to several different types of changes that can be applied to an Oracle database.

In addition to database version, these can include a change to any or all of the following:

  • Computer server (hardware or virtualized environment)
  • Storage architecture
  • Character set
  • Operating system
  • Schema topology (changing the partitioning scheme)
  • Encryption
  • Compression
  • Database architecture (moving into the multitenant database architecture)

Database migration differs from database upgrade in two important ways.

First, database migration generally involves moving or modifying the user and application data in the database.

This means that the size of your database has a dramatic impact on your database migration project.

Second, any of the above migrations can be performed on a database without upgrading it to a new version.


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