Desupported Features In 19c

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Oracle introduce every year (from 2018) new releases. In every release it can modify, deprecate or desupport features, and introduce upgrade behavior changes for your database.

First DBAs need to understand what the meaning of Deprecated and Desupported term.

Deprecated features are features that are no longer being enhanced, but are still supported for the full life of this release of Oracle Database.

Desupported features are features that are no longer supported by fixing bugs related to that feature. Oracle can choose to remove the code required to use the feature. Where indicated, a deprecated feature can be desupported in a future major release.

Three features are Desupported in Oracle Database release 19c, version 19.1:

  1. The MAX_CONNECTIONS attribute of the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n initialization parameter,for Oracle Data Guard redo transport is Desupported.
  2. The EXAFUSION_ENABLED initialization parameter is Desupported.
  3. Oracle Streams is Desupported.


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