Deprecated Features in Oracle RAC 19c

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These features are deprecated in Oracle RAC 19c, and maybe these features will be Desupported in a future release:

1-Deprecation of Addnode Script

The add node script is deprecated in Oracle Grid Infrastructure 19c and maybe add node script can be removed in a future release.

Now we can use the installer wizard. The installer wizard provides many enhancements over the add node script. Using the installer wizard simplifies management by consolidating all software lifecycle operations into a single tool.

Now we can add nodes by using the installer wizard. 

2-Deprecation of the Script

The Clone script is deprecated, and it can be removed in a future release. Now Oracle recommends that you install the extracted gold image as a home, using the installer wizard.

3-Deprecation of Vendor Clusterware Integration with Oracle Clusterware

From Oracle Clusterware 19c (19.5), the integration of vendor or third-party Clusterware with Oracle Clusterware is deprecated.

The integration of vendor Clusterware with Oracle Clusterware is deprecated and can be de-supported in a future release.



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