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Oracle 21c New feature is the Attention Log file.

As we know the database alert.log contains lots of information. But all content of the alert log is not required DBA attention.

From Oracle 21c we have an Attention Log file that provides quick access to information about critical events that need action. It is a structured and externally modifiable file.

It contains information about critical and highly visible database events.

DBA can use the attention log to quickly access information about critical events.

For each database instance, there is one Attention Log file.

Viewing Attention Log Information

Access information stored in the attention log either by opening the file with any text editor or by querying the V$DIAG_ALERT_EXT view.

To view the attention log by using a text editor:

  1. Connect to the database with SQL*Plus or a query tool such as SQL Developer.
  2. Navigate to the $ORACLE_HOME/diag/rdbms/database_name/instance_id/trace directory.
  3. Open the attention.log file.

To view attention log information stored in the data dictionary:

  1. Connect to the database with SQL*Plus or a query tool such as SQL Developer.
  2. Query the V$DIAG_ALERT_EXTview using the required filters.

For example, the following query displays attention messages for which urgent action must be taken:

SELECT attention_id, urgency, target_user, start_version,  message_text, cause_text, action_text FROM V$DIAG_ALERT_EXT WHERE urgency = 'IMMEDIATE';

Contents of the Attention Log

The following is an example of an attention log message that needs immediate action.


IMMEDIATE : "PMON (ospid: 3565): terminating the instance due to ORA error 822"

CAUSE : "PMON detected fatal background process death"

ACTION : "Termination of fatal background is not recommended, Investigate cause of process termination"


TIME : 2020-03-28T14:15:16.159-07:00

INFO : "Some additional data on error PMON error"



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