A Long Journey of Automation & DBA Empowerment

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A Long Journey of Automation & DBA Empowerment

The journey of automation with in Oracle Database starts from Oracle 9i Database.

From Oracle database 9i, DBAs have benefited from progressively greater degrees of automation from the database.

 Oracle 9i-:

Automatic query rewrite

Automatic undo management

 Oracle 10g-:

Automatic memory management

Automatic segment space management

Automatic statistics gathering

Automatic storage management

Automatic workload repository

Automatic diagnostic monitor

 Oracle 11g-:

Automatic SQL tuning

Automatic workload capture/replay

Automatic SQL plan management

Automatic capture of SQL monitor

Automatic data optimization

 Oracle 12c-:

Autonomous health framework

Automatic diagnostic framework

Automatic refresh of clones

  Oracle 18c-:

Automatic columnar flash

Automatic IM population

Automatic application continuity

Oracle 19c-:

Automatic indexing

Automatic flashback of standby databases

Automated testing of query plans

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